Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Services For Your Office

It does not matter what season it is, germs abound in an office environment if they are left unchecked. A cleaning service is a perfect way to keep the germs at bay, but what environmentally-friendly options are there to reduce the impact of office cleaning on the planet? When this is a question that weighs heavily on your mind, then you've come to the right spot to find some answers. From changing cleaning products to ways you can recycle the trash from the office, you can use the information found here to discuss changes with your cleaning service so that your office remains sparkling clean with an environmentally-friendly conscience.

Understanding Carpet Steam Cleaning


You, of course, know that your carpet needs cleaning regularly to get rid of accumulated dirt that can cause respiratory illnesses or stubborn stains that are not appealing to look at. You might come across the phrase carpet steam cleaning, which is usually closely compared to carpet dry cleaning. Why? Find out below as you learn more about how carpet cleaning is done:

Carpet Steam Cleaning

This is the process of using hot water under pressure to clean a carpet. First, your carpet is hard vacuumed to get rid of particles lodged deep within its fibres. If such particles constitute dust, it can form mud if it mixes with water, and that is why vacuuming is important.

After hard vacuuming, the carpet is pre-treated and the surface pre-sprayed to reduce surface tension. This helps in two ways: stains are completely removed and cleaning can be done deep inside the carpet fibres.

After pre-treating and pre-spraying, hot water is injected into your carpet and then the dirty water formed is extracted. This process continues until your carpet is clean or the water being extracted looks clean.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Just like the carpet steam cleaning method, your carpet is hard vacuumed to get rid of dirt particles. It is then treated with a dry cleaning solution (a mixture of water and dry-cleaning solvents) to help break down oils that facilitate the sticking of dirt.

After treatment, wet cotton pads are used on a rotary carpet dry cleaning machine, which spins to help dislodge and clean off dirt. The pads can be changed out as seen fit to do so until your carpet is clean.

Pros and Cons of These Methods

Both these methods leave your carpet clean, but require to be done by a professional, especially the carpet steam cleaning method. If your carpet is not pre-treated or pre-sprayed well, stains don't come off easily.

Additionally, how soon you want to use the carpet after cleaning may affect the method chosen. A carpet cleaned using the dry cleaning method dries faster than a carpet cleaned using steam cleaning. This is because of the difference in the amount of water used in both methods.

An extremely dirty carpet might require the use of the two cleaning methods to help in achieving the highest level of cleanliness. Your professional carpet cleaner will, of course, advise you on the best method after listening to your needs.


23 March 2020